Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fan mail!

Dear Cartoon Girl,

Do you make up the questions, or do people really ask them?

– A fan in the fog

Dear Fan,

You're the first to sign yourself a fan, and for that I will hold you in my cartoon heart forever.

In answer to your question: my creator primed me with a few letters to get me started (sounds profound, huh?), but now my letters come from real people like you. I love getting letters, even if the questions sometimes make my head hurt.  Thanks for not sending one of those.

I gather from your postmark that the fog you refer to is one that rolls in off the Pacific. I spent the last week in the fog of a North Carolina mountaintop, at writing camp.  (Recognize my WILD hiking boots? Bestsellers!) We were called to meals by a clanging iron bell, and I made new friends and ran two pens out of ink.

Cartoon Girl


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